In today’s economy, every reasonable marketing tool needs to be used to achieve a successful settlement. Our services are geared to helping you obtain the highest possible price in today’s market. To accomplish this, we will do the following:


We will complete a Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) where we research similar homes that have sold in the past six months. We will likewise review the market for similar homes that are currently available for sale or under contract.

Multiple Listing Services

We will submit your property to the appropriate multiple listing service. We are members of TREND and the Lehigh Valley MLS. In some cases, we will submit a property to both. For Commercial/Industrial properties we use a number of information services such as Loopnet, Property Line and CoStar.

Internet Marketing

This is now the second largest source of incoming client calls. We will make sure that your property is listed on several web sites, including:


Signs account for over 55% of potential buyer call ins. We STRONGLY recommend that a sign be placed on the property as soon as possible. If the sign is damaged or vandalized – please call our office immediately so that we can replace it.

Open Houses

Depending upon the circumstances we may want to conduct two types of Open Houses. One is a Broker’s Open House where we invite the agent community to inspect the property. The other is a traditional Open House wherein the public is invited to inspect the property. In both instances, the listing agent or another agent from our company will be present to answer questions and point out the special features of your home.


We use a variety of newspapers and magazines for our listings. The placement depends upon the geographical location of the property and the geographical circulation of the newspaper/magazine. Below is a partial list of the various newspapers and magazines that we use in marketing our listings:

  • The Real Estate Book
  • Lehigh Valley Real Estate Weekly
  • Bux Mont Courier
  • Norristown Herald
  • Chestnut Hill Local
  • North Penn Reporter
  • Doylestown Intelligencer
  • Penny Power
  • Hearthstone Town and Country
  • Philadelphia Inquirer
  • Montgomery Newspapers
  • Pottstown Mercury
  • Berks County Real Estate Weekly
  • Lehigh Valley Real Estate Weekly
  • Upper Perk Shopper’s Guide

Showings and Feedback

It is extremely important that you be as flexible as possible in accommodating inspections. While we will try to give you as much advanced notice as possible – there will be times where we request a showing on short notice. Periodically your listing agent will contact you to discuss various feedback from clients who have inspected your property. While no one is immune from negative comments, we need to know the buying public’s reaction. If there is a particular shortcoming to the property, we will discuss with you any alternative available to correct it.

Highlight Folder

We will prepare Highlight Folders for your home. We will supply you with an initial bundle of these marketing folders and ask that you keep them in a prominent place in the house so that clients and their agents will pick them up when making an inspection. Should your supply start to dwindle – please call your listing agent so that they can replenish the supply.


We know that you have lived in your home for many years and that it is your sanctuary from the outside world. But now that you are going to sell it – you need to look at it through the eyes of a Buyer!

Here is a short list of important things you can do to place your property in its most appealing light without spending a lot of money:

  • Keep the lawn and shrubs well trimmed and the flower gardens weeded.
  • Keep the walkways free of leaves and snow.
  • Put a fresh coat of paint on all exterior doors.
  • Repair broken windows and torn screens. Wash the windows – inside and out.
  • Keep shades and drapes open to let in the light.
  • Unclutter the garage and sweep the floors. A garage is for cars not for an overflow of household items.
  • Clean the entire house. This includes having the carpets professionally cleaned, clearing out closets and organizing the basement. This may require you to rent a storage locker for excess items – REMEMBER, your home won’t look roomy if it is cluttered.
  • Clean that kitchen and make it sparkle (this includes the oven and range). Do not leave dishes in the sink.
  • Clean the bathrooms. Repair loose caulking and grout. Fix leaking toilets and faucets.
  • Make the beds every day. Pick up clothes, toys and clutter every morning.
  • Air out the house frequently. Odors from pets, smoking and cooking need to be dealt with regularly.

When showing the house:

  • Be accommodating for appointments.
  • Keep children and pets out of the way. If possible, take them for a walk while people are looking at the house.
  • Put a little vanilla in your oven at a low temperature an hour before each inspection.
  • Let the salesperson show your home. Stay in the background or take a walk in the neighborhood. It is recommended not to engage the Buyer in conversation unless you are asked a specific question.
  • Have warranties or invoices available concerning improvements you have made to the home (i.e. new roof, new appliances, new heaters/air conditioners, remodeled kitchens and baths, etc).

Brode & Brooks Inc. are members of several Multiple Listing Services and Information Services:

  • Trend Multiple Listing Service
  • Lehigh Valley Multiple Listing Service
  • Loopnet – Exclusively for Commercial/ Industrial Properties
  • Property Line – Exclusively for Commercial/ Industrial Properties

We will place your property in those MLS and Information Services which are appropriate for your location and/or property type.