Purchasing land takes savvy, qualified, professionals with years-of-experience who know a mountain of details, are able to search out, scope, rank and recommend locations for your particular needs.

Get answers from Brode and Brooks, Inc., agents to both your basic and uncommon land purchasing questions:

  • What is the zoning for the property?
  • Can the property be developed and how would its development opportunity be ranked?
  • Does it allow retail establishments, business, professional, medical or governmental offices?
  • How many buildings are included with the property?
  • Is there property frontage to major byways?
  • Does the property have:  Public water? Public sewer? Electric and Gas?
  • Is the property in a flood plain?
  • What are the real estate taxes?
  • In your expert opinion, what is the condition of the roof, frame, floor?
  • Does the property have railroad access?
  • What is the workforce supply in the area?

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